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Youth Nationals - By the Numbers

Maddie thinking about what to set
Maddie contemplates her next move

I had the pleasure of chief setting this years youth nationals at Sydney Indoor Villawood (in Sydneys west), after the original chief setter (Scotty Prichard, aka. the local legend) managed to bust up his ankle pretty badly about 3 days before setting was due to commence..... eeek

I reached out to a local, newly appointed chief setter (Yossi, aka, the skywood king) to join the team last minute, with so few routesetters across the challenges that setting youth nationals entailed, it was lucky he said yes!

So we commenced Tuesday morning at 8:30am, with a team of 5 (Yossi, Al Earley, Amanda, Maddie and Me), and proceeded to get the 16 rounds (10 qualification style, and 6 5 on 5 off), ready before the event commenced on the Friday.

The event saw over 300 young athletes come to participate in the 3 day event, and when the dust settled, I was pleased to have made only a few mistakes, primarily youth D males and Youth B Females, with the rounds being a little too easy, we say a short 'super final' for the youth D boys and Youth B females making finals only on attempts.

You can scroll your mouse over the charts below to see more detailed numbers

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